Al and Collette began a part time ministry in Rockford, Illinois in 1987 after they attended a spiritual warfare seminar in North Carolina. For years Collette’s mother suffered a variety of ailments that defied anything the doctors could do for her. Al and Collette were urged to take her to the spiritual warfare seminar. As Al locked the doors to his business, and Collette took time off from her nursing business, there was no way they could know how this trip would drastically change their lives.

It was during the early presentations at the weeklong seminar that they began to feel a strong urge to share what they were learning with other people who were suffering as Collette’s mother was. Day by day, as they discussed and prayed about what they were learning, they felt the call to enter into a ministry of helping people to understand the spiritual battles that rage within so many families and individuals; people who needed hope and understanding that they could be free through the mighty, all-powerful name of Jesus.

Al and Collette have pledged their lives to help troubled people. They receive 20-40 desperate calls daily from discouraged people who are in need of this information. Their Ministry has been supported through the years from the generosity of loving, caring people who are motivated to make sure that there remains an open line of hope for those who desperately need it.

There have been many speed bumps in the road along the way. When you are in this kind of ministry the devil doubles his efforts to make it as difficult as he can for those who are willing to help, as well as for those who need it so badly. He is constantly scheming and trying various ways to block the freedom of his victims.

Al and Collette welcome your comments, prayer requests, and your emails. May God richly bless you for visiting this website.

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